Friday, September 11, 2009

O-M-G! 2nd ACORN Office Gives Tax Advise to "Prostitute & Pimp"

Yesterday FOXNews and the blogosphere generally covered this like a blanket. Not so much the Lame Stream Media.....where only ABC had a small article and only AFTER ACORN fired the two women giving tax advise to this pair of undercover folks.

ACORN was all about this was not their doing, and these fired women were not up to their professional standards.


Another ACORN office did the same thing. Film and story this morning ON FOXNEWS!!!

I've already fired off a missive to the Tampa Tribune which used a small excerpt from a blog as their coverage this morning of the 1st film. It'll be a surprise if they use my letter-to-the-editor....and a much bigger surprise if they actually cover the 2nd event.

Part of the fun here is waiting to see how deep the MSM can dig themselves as they "hide" from this story.

Is there a third...or 4th film????

Bet some ACORN high muckty-mucks have their panties in a wad this morning! Wish I could be a fly on the wall as they try to determine if the blood-letting will continue.

Then there is the question of how long law enforcement/district attornies/DOJ can ignore this long list of conspiracy charges which Judge Andrew Nepolitano outlined yesterday on FOX over the 1st instance.

Har Har! Fun indeed.