Saturday, September 19, 2009

Right-Wing "Crap" Books Lead Best Seller's List

Chris Matthews has his panties in a wad because right wing books are atop the list. HE WHINES IN THIS Kyle Drennen piece.

Talk about a narrow mind. Perhaps what Matthews should as a (ha ha) Journalist be asking is why do the conservatives have more sales when the liberals are supposedly in control...a majority...etc.

I just finished Liberty and Tyranny while on Grand Cayman, and while it makes great pool-side reading, it will leave you scared about the statist successes while we conservatives and libertarians piddle about.

In fact, many of our successes are from DEM/ACORN/OBAMA/PELOSI/REID stumbles!

Now, on to read Michelle Malkin's Culture of Corruption. Yum...(the book, dummy.) Not that Michelle couldn't stand on her own beauty as well.