Wednesday, September 02, 2009

AARP Continues to L-I-E!!!

This morning AARP has the banner at"5 Myths about Healthcare!"

While mouthing phrases indicating they have not taken a position on the ObamaCare issue, their actual ads parrot the lies of Obama....In fact, almost ver batim copying them.

"You can keep your doctor"...Real facts, the ability to keep one's doctor is short term. ; "Healthcare reform is NOT socialized medicine"...Real Fact, it is, as passed in the House of Reps, a complete takeover of your healthcare, and given every bit of available information from existing nationalized medicine, will with-no-doubt lead to cutting back on services (rationing).

Why is it AARP thinks they can continue doublespeak and not lose members?

Why is it AARP still does NOTHING to actually ask its members for their position? If, in fact, they care about their members, I'd think they might conduct a poll of same. A REAL poll with actual verified results.

Their answer; controlled small meetings in a very few locations at which they are only interested in espousing their own statements....not listening to their constituency.

Time for a change at involving the entire leadership. If we are going to pay money for people to represent us do not you think those people should actually LISTEN to US???