Monday, September 24, 2007

Hand In The Cookie Jar X 2 - Time For CYA!

The tale was told......NYT sold ad to for WAY less than normal....unless the ad was for run-when-there-is-space....however, they also agreed to run the ad on a date specific!

Exposed: And now two things happen. NYT sez, oops....accidental! & pays the regular fee to make it all kosher!

The game is called CYA for those not very experienced in politics.

Covering your butt does not right the wrong, it just blurs it a bit and gives the offender something to say. Sort of like a robber giving back the money.....makes it alright in their mind, but the offense is still there.

I guess, following this logic, if I were Senator and took money that was shown to be illegally gathered for me.....and then I returned the money to the donors who were used to bundle the money.....and then I asked those folks to return the money to me yet again to make it "clean" that would then be OK?

WAIT A MINUTE! That is exactly what Hillary has done.

A "new" invention.....a money laundry.

Too Rich for belief......The beat goes on, and the liberal media give Hildabeast and a pass.