Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Bend Over for Nurse Hillary!"

In order to consider the Hildabeast's healthcare plan, you 1st need to understand the population she claims as uninsured.....Then we can decide if we need to be REQUIRED to have this government-regulated luxury in order to hold a job. Check the Constitution for this one folks.....there is some life-regulation going on that escapes the clauses therein!

Of all the words written so far on this Mark Steyn lays it out most clearly.

There is no "great unwashed uninsured population"!!!!!!

For those who are screaming that government is taking away our need to consider the healthcare thing in that light! If you give up the right to choose to insure or not, and to self-insure or not, then you are allowing government to once again take more of your life and your control of that life.

Remember the Democrat Party and Hillary LOVE to take more of your money and re-distribute it to the general masses...particularly those who wait for it instead of making their own money.