Saturday, September 22, 2007

Terrorist Threat at US Airport Ignored By Media!

It happened yesterday at Raleigh-Durham. Two men, apparently of middle-eastern origin, were arrested. Main Stream Media (Antique Media) ignores the story so they can cover Britney's driving without a license & the equally-important barking of dogs in O.J.'s Yard here in Florida!

Little Green Footballs is all over it.

Priority list for MSM:

1. Anything anti-Bush
2. Britney (& other young stars/entertainers)
3. O.J. (Court/Flights/Home/et al)
4. Anything perceived as done wrong by any GOP person

Priority list for MSM: (Things not to cover)

1. Anything good from Iraq
2. Anything having a possible middle-eastern/terror connection in the US
3. Anything positive from Bush
4. Anything positive from Iraq (it is on their list twice, I swear!)

Yes, I know this is a bit chuckle-headed, but just watch for certain stories not covered anywhere but in the blogosphere....and completely non-existent in the MSM.