Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hugh Hewitt Sez....

Hewitt sez...

"I shipped off my World Magazine column this morning on the absurdity of the idea of evangelicals and conservatives Catholics staying home in November or the even bigger horselaugh about a sudden defection. I'll post the column when it comes out, but it begins with this observation:

Justice John Paul Steven is 86. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 73. Justices Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy are both 70. Justice Stephen Breyer is 68. Justice David Souter is 67.

Senators elected in November will be casting votes on replacements for how many of these six justices during their six year terms? It is in the realm of possibility that all six will retire in the next half-dozen years, and a near certainty that more than one will. (My emphasis added!)

I think this reality will impact Montana's Senate race decisively as the issue of the future of the Supreme Court gets attention over the next four weeks. The current court majority is anti-property rights and pro-terrorist rights; hostile to the unborn and gun-owners; confused on racial quotas and a host of other issues. Jon Tester will join Patrick Leahy in obstructing nominees like Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito. So would Sherrod Brown. So would Harold Ford and Claire McCaskill. Robert Menendez already has, voting against New Jersey native son Alito.

And so would even Robert Casey, Jr., posing as a pro-life Democrat whose absurd position would be instantly revealed the moment he voted to organize the Senate under Harry Reid, with Leahy back as Chair of Judiciary.

The reality of the Dems anti-border security position has also registered. There is a split among Republicans over the extent of the regularization to be offered those who entered the country illegally, but there is general agreement as shown by the fence vote that border security must come first."

Hewitt has it right! I hate to admit it in light of this earlier post, but I was wrong....angry, etc. WE (GOP plus those enlightened Libertarians) must stop the madness and return the GOP to power.....even if in a position of only one house, and only the ability to negotiate.....that should expose the "do nothing", tax and spend Dems.

I must refer to my new favorite word......."Dhimmicratic" just how descriptive is that?