Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"Sunday Pilots"

The crash of a small plane into a building today, apparently taking the life of the NYY pitcher, was a small plane. It was FAST.....BUT notoriously unstable in certain conditions. The syndrome is that of a pilot whose income allows purchase of a plane WAAAAAY beyond his skills as a pilot.

Kennedy comes to mind.

A pilot still learning, and trying to be all things.

Is that what happened here? I do not know, but the facts support a plane of this type flying too slow and not able to respond to controls available. I hope this is not true, however, too often it is.

If I won a few million in the lotto.....Like a professional baseball player in some ways.....Would I try to fly a nice new, fast plane myself.....Probably not....But then I am 63, not the age of this young-twenties baseball star.

Sometimes we outflow our abilities as we feel "invincible" due superior talents in one area.

Sunday pilots.....They can afford the plane and the training....Sometimes they exceed their capabilities in the name of bravado.

It is a sorry thing! The loss of talent and family is far greater than the ego-catching ability to fly on your own.

I sincerely hope I am wrong.