Friday, October 13, 2006

Kim, The Saber-Rattler,,,,All Noise?

I have felt for a long time that Kim Jong Il, North Korea's petulant and obviously over-verbose leader, is a carnival shill. Scream, yell, stomp your feet the let the world know everything you want them to know while never givine them any "meat & potatoes" about the reality of your situation is his method of operation.

Capt. Ed has a nice descriptive piece on Kim's actions in which he explains his quite similar take on the N. Korean leader.

You have to blame the triumverate of Clinton/Albright/Carter for this fellow's ridiculous displays. It was these three who made deals with Kim to stop him, well to see that he didn', well, you know! They tried desperately to placate this despot in a teapot by giving him lots of lovely things for his country in real and control areas. In return they got......Nothing! He simply smiled, shook hands, put on a show and then went right back to work on nukes.

Capt. Ed is correct. The only method of dealing with this idiot is to contiinue the multinational approach to meeting with him. Why do you suppose he is trying so hard to avoid this? Because it is the only way he can be held accountable. That he wants to avoid at all costs.