Wednesday, February 03, 2010

OH YEAH! - Trust Me, The MA Vote HAS Been Heard!

PrezBO is still channeling ObamaCare....BUT The host of DEM Senators/Congressmen are looking to November 2010....They are, at this point, unconcerned by the healthcare thingee.

THEY wish to be re-elected, and they DO NOT like the numbers PrezBO has given them. In fact, many are sorry they voted for several things last year.....TARP; Stimulus; HealthCare; Cap & Trade......Yeppers folks, these DEMs are bailing out so fast as to make the 1994 defection seem small potatoes!

The question, to me, is....Will the Tea Partiers mount a few candidates of their own from across the country....against easy targets? If they do, will this new cadre of "tea party" folks be able to muster enough strength to place some obstacles in the path of "politics-as-usual" in DC?

God, I hope so!