Monday, February 22, 2010

Brown Bails on Jobs Bill......What Next?

Elect a guy named Brown from a DEM stronghold, and what's his 1st substantive vote???? Completely as Kennedy would have voted.

The man is an idiot. He votes because he sez....."I hope this vote opens bipartisanship!" I-D-I-O-T!!!!! The folks who voted you in want LESS GOVERNMENT....You just voted for M-O-R-E!!!!!

What possibly could go wrong with this scenario?

Man-O-Man.....I am nearing the point where simply attaching the term "politician" to anyone should make them targets of society in general!

I am sure Brown BELIEVES he is doing a really, really good thing. He should have tested the waters of the bay which elected him. He failed to do so, and he is stuck with a 1st important vote being DEMOCRAT!

I cannot believe it!