Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can You Hear Us Now?????

It's About The Jobs, Stupid!!!!!

Obama and the Democrats fiddle and fiddle.....The public, however, 46% of them, say J-O-B-S is what is Numero Uno, 1st place, most important! Instapundit has details of how Americans feel!

How much more plain can it be? Obama and the DEMs see themselves as on a crusade to save something positive from their time as the completely-controlling party with majorities in the House & Senate & the White House. They certainly failed with their stimulus. Their Cap & Tax program is dead-as-nails. Card-Check cannot gain any traction.

WHY???? It really, really is about Jobs! YOU KNOW, THOSE "UNEXPECTED" RISES IN NEW JOBLESS CLAIMS!!!

Is there any chance the DEMs will grow an understanding? Do they care at all about what the people want? Do they understand that BIG GOVERNMENT cannot solve the problems. Only small business can....and they have to have the right incentives to do so. Tax incentives....NOT a "jobs bill" award IF they add a job, but actual tax incentives to induce new job-creation. As long as Mr. businessman feels taxes are going to rise sharply, and THEY ARE if the healthcare bill is passed, he will sit on the sidelines...OR reduce his number of employees even further!

Call your DEM congresscritter and issue another alert. Of course, it will probably not help, BUT it just might as November moves closer every day!