Thursday, February 03, 2011

Can Anyone See The Hypocrisy?

1. PrezBO pushes, drives, forces his ObamaCare to away the farm to numerous potential voters......He wins!

2. PrezBO now has issued more than 700 waivers to allow groups to avoid the ObamaCare demands......40% of which are UNIONS!

3. PrezBO supports a DEM vote stopping repeal. The DEMs, for whatever reason (possibly because they know they will lose the Senate in 2012?) vote unanimously to avoid repeal. ontrol fo the private sector

4. PrezBO announces that a vote of the Congress to stop the EPA from killing jobs and the future of many industries with their "Green" regulations will be met by his veto!

This is a man bent upon Socialization of the country; growing of government; and, taking all control of the private sector. He truly feels government is the answer.....

The facts tell us a different story. The MAJORITY of the citizens of the USA OPPOSE ObamaCare. They want cuts in spending. They want LESS government control. PrezBO and the DEMs operate on the damn the polls, full speed ahead theme. Then they will wonder why in 2012 they have their hat handed to them.....FULL control of Congress by the GOP/Tea Party and perhaps a new GOP/Tea Party Prez!