Tuesday, February 01, 2011

"We Hear Your Voices!" - President Barack Obama

The Prez has offered, after days and days of dithering, his assessment of the situation in Egypt. He now, after urging Mubarak to leave, feels that he has stated the right position for the US of A. It is a position born of NOTHING!

Mubarak has agreed to leave (ostensibly) and now the machine of government will lead to the election of a new Egyptian President in the fall.

I have concerns.

1. Is Mubarak going peacefully? OR, is he planning to have an operation through his VP, Suleiman, which is much like the Russian government control operated by the former President?

2. Is there any idea of where this is all going in Egypt? Is there the major chance that the radicals will find a way to take control? Will the Brotherhood prevail?

3. Does Obama and his administration have a clue? That is a scary question.

IF Mubarak plots to retain control, Russian style, will the citizenry hit the streets again? I believe so.

Strange times folks.