Friday, December 31, 2010

Obama Speaks With Forked Tongue!

Mr. President! Please......We are on to you and your mouthing of phrases while doing exactly the opposite.

You call for bipartisanship and then as detailed by Charles Krauthammer, do everything unilaterally behind the scenes.

Charles, unfortunately, missed another BIG action by Obama's minions...The FCC power-grab over the internet. An action taken in the face of open and noted opposition to their doing so by the other two branches of government, the courts and Congress.

Krauthammer is, of course, correct in his premise. Obama will have to govern by secret or hidden action. The only answer to this is action by Congress and the courts to halt and rescind such actions. Limit the ability of these Executive-run sections of government by law. If this is not done soon as these actions are taken then the other two branches of government are abdicating the balance-of-power installed by the founders of this country.

If there be a Congresscritter or a sitting Judge who feels this Chicago-bred politician will not do anything and all possible to take control of this country by the Executive then they need to be replaced.....NOW!

Communicate the need to reign in Obama's overt control-taking to your Congressman.