Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Harry Reid.....Thanks Nevada For Electing This Idiot!

What a "Dream" this bill(s) WILL BE.....

Harry, "I'll Pass The Dream Act If You Elect Me!", Reid is going to everything in his power to do just that.

However....The GOP and DEMs opposed to illegals getting their way will not face a bill this lame duck session.....NOPE.....

They will FACE FOUR!!!!!

The devious Mr. Reid is trying to push these 4 bills without benefit of ANY committee hearings, and no openness at all. Sound familiar....It is Healthcare2....No input, no availability for reading, no committee hearings. Just Harry Reid being the same idiot who found his party soundly chastised in the mid-terms for JUST SUCH AS THIS!

Man, I hope the GOP & DEMs with a fear of further failure vote these down.....all 4!