Tuesday, November 23, 2010

N. Korea Invites Hostile Reaction!

The N. Koreans shell a S. Korean village on an island long-disputed between the two.

The purpose? Perhaps "Dear Leader" needs to heighten the hostilities to keep his own troops in line? Remember the N. Koreans are bereft of food stuffs, and medical supplies and most everything else.

Perhaps "Dear Leader" is seeking to give his deprived troops incentive to keep their posts. After all, if the S. Koreans are attacking, his troops will be driven to defend.

The man is no dummy. He is as sly as any fox.

The next six months will signal what will occur for the N. Korean dictator, and his planned successor. The winter in N. Korean; without enough food and medicine, will be tough. Will the leader's posturing vis-a-vis the shelling ignite sufficient loyalty to see "Dear Leader" through without a revolt of his own troops who are starving?

We'll see.