Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tea Party vs GHW Bush....& His Wife

This is, in my opinion, the crux of the 2012 vote for the GOP.

The 2010 election proved the fact that the Tea Party is R-E-A-L. Despite the attempts by the old media to prove otherwise, the Tea Party made HUGE inroads into the traditional election process and the traditional election results.

The DEMs were without any solid base, given they voted for everything the public opposed. The GOP, however, had given no real sign they were any different than the 1994 crowd who crowed loudly their plan and then did the opposite...spending and taxing...until the rooster came home to roost. This provided the 2006 conversion to a DEM Congress....followed by a 2008 vote of a DEM to the Presidency.

Now, in 2010, the question is....Will the Tea Party folks of 2010 be able to mount a new and effective campaign to give them mre leverage in 2012?

The Bushes.....in an interview.....said the best person available (minus JEB, the prodigal son) is Mitt Romney. They went, however, a step beyond. They via Barbara Bush, said Sarah Palin should stay home.


Ya know what.......I'll bet you this will be a crystallizing moment which will prove the old-line Bush projections are going to be buried under the Tea Party ideals!

Jeb will NEVER be President....NOR will Mitt!

Sarah may never be either, but the Bush condemnation is absurd. They will drive folks TO Palin.

BUT, There will be a Tea Party presence in the 2012 election.....one beyond the scope of what folks believe now.

The landscape is changing. The DEMs and the GOPs will be left scratching their collective heads. The worm has turned....PEOPLE are now in charge and the VOTERS will speak.

My Prediction.