Saturday, November 27, 2010

Do Ya Get The Feeling "The ONE" is clueless?????

I do!

He seems ill-equipt to have any feeling for the country, its economy, and its people.

The facts seem to escape him.

I believe he has the "Chicago Syndrome" of politicians. The question to them is NOT "what should we do" is instead "What must we do to make this fit our message!"

Chicago politics are from the "BOSS" era.........They do not change.

I once employed (in a radio-news operation in suburban Chicago) a fellow who was a fine newsman...but a DEVOUT Democrat. He was, in fact, a precinct committeeman! He also had NO CLUE what he needed to do......actually he did not need to do anything. The "machine" handled his precinct for him. He need only vote!

That was 1973.....It has NOT CHANGED!

Tea party....unite....this is the nest we need to excoriate!