Monday, December 06, 2010

ObamaCare....Not Gonna Work, But Debt Panel Punts!

Why did the Obama Debt Panel choose to almost completely ignore the MASSIVE cost of ObamaCare in their consideration of ways to cut our debt/costs/et al?

Maybe they were not eager to challenge the newly-passed law.

Who knows, but it is a glaring omission from thier presented plan (which failed of course).

James Pethokoukis summarizes on Reuters......

"the biggest stumbling block remains healthcare, which accounts for three-quarters of the U.S. government’s long-term budget woes. A presentation from Medicare’s chief actuary persuaded many panel members that Obama’s recently-passed reform law does less than estimated to reduce future government outlays. Despite this and the legacy of successive administrations’ overgenerous commitments on health spending, the panel danced around the issue in its recommendations. Democrats in Congress have little desire to revisit the issue anytime soon. Republicans, on the other hand, want to make it a central issue of the 2012 White House campaign so that a positive electoral outcome, if they achieve one, would be a mandate for their plan — whatever it turns out to be. Though Obama’s commission provides useful direction, the endgame for healthcare spending could be more significant for America’s fiscal future"

Well, there it is. Will the GOP use this to their advantage to un-elect Obama and then revoke ObamaCare? I doubt it will be that decisive. They may perform major surgery on it, but the premise of Govt. in healthcare will stand. After all....the GOP cannot resist the siren call of P-O-W-E-R...for the Govt.

"Third party wanted....must stick to principles of reduce spending, reduce govt. involvement....etc."

Hope is dimming folks unless these newly-elected folk take charge and send the oldsters packing....a mighty tall order!