Monday, February 14, 2011

Budget Debt Overwhelming.....Obama Proposes Bullet Train!

If my cousin, the idiot, came up with this plan....I'd at least know he tried. BUT The PrezBO himself, the Hope & Change Artist????? He has learned WHAT from November 2010??? Not one freaking thing!

He is what he always was....smoke, fluff, mirrors, an oratorical voice, and a Chicago philosophy! & His Minions shout and praise him......O-M-G!!!!!

The GOP, to me, has so-far flunked the test. They are spouting some fine rhetoric, but my confidence in Boehner as a leader is diminishing!....RAPIDLY!

Tea Party folks have NOT LEFT THE BUILDING.....despite the wishes of the "gentry" in the Washington GOP.

My Message to the GOP Leadership.....BE VERY AFRAID!!!!! You are not safe, and you are not embraced. The sad part is, despite the 2010 vote, you STILL do not see it coming.

WE, THE PEOPLE, are tired of taxes, bloviated speeches, and more taxes. WE Want a change; WE WANT LESS EXPENSE...No matter Whose Ox Is Being Gored!!!!!!

GET IT???????????

Obviously not yet. Maybe one more serious election!