Thursday, February 10, 2011

Message From Obama to The Dumb Masses!

Janet Napolitano is now ranting upon terrorists and their potential destructive efforts. WHY???

For most of the 1st 2 years of the Obama Dynasty we heard nothing about terrorists...they did not exist.

OH WAIT!!!!! It is time to ignite CAMPAIGN 2012.....Move to the MIDDLE, play to the folks who know there is a terrorist to the middle folks in general....PROVE he is middle road... and oh by the way, ignore the ObamaCare debacle, and the PUBLIC purchase of GM (Government Motors)....and all those other Socialist/Marxist efforts. They do not exist......

Obamie is on the hunt for 4 more years....Thank GOD the electorate has caught on to the person who sez what he needs to when he needs to and then does as he pleases.....I hope they vote their knowledge!