Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jamil Hussein, Eason Jordan, Michelle Malkin

What do they have in common???? Well, actually not a lot....theyare all involved in my favorite story this morning. It is UN-BELIEVE-ABLE!

In my post yesterday, I told the story of AP's MISIING CAPTAIN/WITNESS IN IRAQ!

Now a new story emerges and ties in. Does the name Eason Jordan ring any bells? For those with short memories, he was the CNN exec who a) passed off Saddam Hussein messages written by the sad man as "news" in order to keep his CNN Iraq bureau open prior to our removing Saddam and b) the same CNN exec who, at a European conference, denounced the US military as "targeting" newsmen in Iraq......a statement heard by many including a US Congressman and a US Senator. He was fired (retired/left, et al) from CNN.

Now he is back with a blog ABOUT we could believe him now...and he is going to go find Jamil Hussein and has invited Michelle Malkin to join him!

This should be interesting......

A true effort by Jordan (don't hold your breath) and a truthful follow-up, would help regain his credability....but will likely shred APs as Captain Jamil Hussein proves to be A.W.O.L. from both truth and presence!

I'll be watching.

Meanwhile I am emailing will many others I am give her warning to be really careful as I do not trust Jordan and he knows lots of the "bad guys" over there.