Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Feeding the Vets! - Elks Lodge Style!

There was a recent big to do about a restaurant in Washington, Fran O'Brein's, feeding veterans from a nearby hospital. The place did so free! The restaurant lost its lease. Now it is reopening as reported by Michelle Malkin.

I salute the restaurant, and do not want to take from their generosity, however, when a single place gets national coverage while many who also "serve"...free meals to Vets, that is....get no mention, I am a bit iritated.

Our Tampa Elks Lodge (#708) has served bus-loads of vets from James Haley Veterans Hospital....free steak, and a full meal to boot each month....this has gone on for years. Veterans are high on the list of charities we Elks fund through our membership and dues.

In addition we provide a hamburger-hot dog lunch with chips, salads, drinks, etc. for up to 200 at James Haley Hospital several times a year. We do the cooking as well! Several of our Elks and Ladies of the Elks help feed the more handicapped.

I am aware that we are not alone. Many Elks Lodges across the nation do a similar salute to our Veterans.

Makes me proud to be an Elk! & Maybe the reason we get little recognition is that we simply do not seek it.

Paul (Duke) DeLand
Tampa Elks Lodge #708