Sunday, December 03, 2006

.944 vs .934 - Or how a BCS Spot is Chosen!

Yeppers folks, as I predicted in an earlier post today...

It will be Ohio State & Florida who tangle for the national title. Probably a right decision, but the roar of dissent is already reaching high levels of ear-noise. The many who speak out...including lots of coaches, seem to indicate they favor doing away with the BCS....a proven flawed favor of a playoff.

Ohio State's coach Jim Tressel had a different opinion. He feels the BCS is improving each year, and does not know how teams already playing 12 games each year could expand to 16 games to meet a 16 team playoff. I can agree....

At least we all know there will be a great title game, and after it is over I can call and heckle all my Gator fan friends.