Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dhimmitude is NOW!

Believe we have a "common ground" for discussion with Muslim folk?

Read Tennessee Rant, and know what we face!

The facts are folks, as presented by EVERY word we have received, the Islamists feel we are WRONG, and their religion MUST triumph!

There are ZERO points of discussion!

If you, as a Christian, feel we have a chance for negotiation, you are WRONG!!!!!

We either capitulate, or we move against the Islamist idiocy....

Democrats/Liberals will find a "common-ground" for discussion. Ask them where the Islamists are in respect to recognizing OUR religion.....The Christian religion of 95% of the United States!

Ask them, and then report BACK!

I'll be waiting for their "Religion of Peace" tomes......There will be NONE!