Friday, November 24, 2006

"Whitey" Scholarship Draws Ire!

You gotta be 1/4th white to participate in this scholarship! BOY-O-BOY is this creating some rumble and tumble!

However, given the multitude of scholarships which are for "blacks-only", or perhaps for "Spanish-speaking" only, etc. there seems some justification for this offering. Just go and read about it at ABC News! And then KNOW for YOURSELF!

Ah the bias.......!

The multitudes of minority-obsessed idiots are coming out in droves. If there can be a white award it drops all their ideas of equality, achievement, etc. from the minority perspective.....

I really love it.

"A Minority of One?"

He He.....we Dutch/French minorities are rejoicing as the itiotarians of the universe unite in finding that their cause is wrong...if applied by any other group!