Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Voice of Reason on The Drug War!

A good friend of mine was lecturing his 13 year old son on the evils of drug use the other day as I sat watching.

"These drugs will rot your mind" he said. Pausing for effect he took a swig of his scotch and water, and a drag on his cigarette.

"They will give you more physical problems in your adult years than you can imagine"
Pause for a couple of sprays of his nose-ingested diet spray.

All made up of course.

Neal Boortz today has the actual best stuff on the topic, something with which I agree totally!


Atlanta went to a home on Neal Street in Atlanta last evening to execute a search warrant. When they kicked the door in the only occupant of the home, a 92-year-old woman, started shooting. She hit all three police officers. One in the thigh, one in the arm and another in the shoulder. All police officers will be OK. The woman will not. She was shot and killed by the police.

I'm not blaming the cops here. Not at all. They had a valid search warrant, and they say they were at the right address. Shots were fired, three cops hit, and they returned fire. A 91-year-old woman who was so afraid of crime in her neighborhood that she had burglar bars on every door and window, is now dead.

The blame lies on this idiotic drug war we're waging. We have all the studies we need, all of the comprehensive data is in. We can do a much more effective job of reducing drug use in this country if we'll just take a portion of this money we spend for law enforcement and spend it on treatment programs. A Rand study showed that we can reduce illicit drug usage in this country a specified amount through treatment programs at about 10% of the cost of reducing drug usage by that same amount through criminalization and law enforcement.

There's just something in the American psyche that demands that drug users be punished instead of treated and rehabilitated. We think they're stupid and ignorant for getting mixed up with those drugs in the first place. And you know what? We're right? But look at the messages we send to our children every single day with cigarettes, alcohol, and an endless stream of drug ads on television and in magazines. Drug culture? You bet we have a drug culture! "Ask your doctor about Noassitol!"

Right! In fact if the drug cartels would just lobby Congress like the pharmaceutical companies do, they could probably have most drugs made as legal as alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

We live in a completely idiotic law system my friends. He with the most clout wins.