Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Investigators Mum on Columbia University Attack!

A month and a half ago the co-founder of the Minutemen organization, Jim Gilchrist, tried to speak as an invited guest of the Republican Club at Columbia University. He was physically attacked on the stage at the moment he tried to speak.

The University President Lee Bollinger announced an "internal" investigation...failing in his announcement to condemn such a physical attack. Michelle Malkin details the situation and today's New York Post statement in her wonderful blog, complete with the film of the attack.

So far no response from Bollinger about the investigation.

I today emailed Bollinger:

Many of us who observed the film of the outright physical attack on a conservative, Republican Club sponsored, speaker are eagerly awaiting the results of Columbia University's own controlled internal investigation.

48 days, I believe. I must have missed any interim reports as well as any condemnation by you or the University of such premeditated physical assaults upon a speaker sponsored on campus by a University club.

Woe be it if such an attack had occured against a Muslim speaker, or a pro-abortion speaker.

When might we see a report on the investigation and the resulting punishment of identified attackers?

Also, I presume in the face of such nastiness on campus, the speaker, Mr. Gilchrist, will be invited back for another appearance to clear the air about Columbia University's rumored bias against conservative speakers.

I look forward to your response.

Thank You.

Duke DeLand

Perhaps we will hear back from the gentleman. If so, you shall be the 1st to know. (No breath-holding going on in this location, folks!)