Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It All Depends On Your Point of View!

Tell a story.....Headline: "Israeli Offensive in Gaza Kills Two"

The headline might be more accurate as: "Isreali Response to Palestinian Rockets Leaves Two Dead"

Here's the story....see if I am not correct about the headlines....as AP presented it.

Seems to me my headline is much more accurate. The Israelis responded to an attack. They did not initiate the attack as seemingly indicated by the AP headline. Our Main Stream (Antique) Media strikes again....AP, your bias is showing! By the way when was the last time you read a story about Palestinian rockets fired into Israel? (It occurs DAILY!) The AP does not consider that news....only a response by Israel that kills someone is news.

And the MSM wonders why their circulation/ratings are in a deadfall, and the blogs are gaining in popularity.