Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Does Anyone Else Feel a Draft?

I recall quite clearly how a number of Democrats, seeking ANY ammo they could find against Bush in 2004, ran about shouting that Bush was about to reinstitute the draft and take all our young folk off to war. Dean said it; Kerry said it too.

It, of course, never happened!

Now, elect the Dems to power and old man Rangel of N.Y., an embarrassment to any logical thinker GOP or DEM, proposes and plans to introduce legislation to make the draft happen as detailed in this ABC News story by John Heilprin.

One Senator Charles Rangel argument is that minorities are more heavily involved in our volunteer army. That stance is exactly opposite the FACTS as explained by Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters.

The positive news is, the DEMs as a party also oppose the draft!

Much ado about nothing, except one lone old man Senator (whatever happened to a term limit for Senators?) can rant endlessly. You might recall Rangel also recently ticked off all of the South with comments about "no one wants to live in Mississippi".

Don't ya just love it?