Monday, November 27, 2006

Check the Facts....Islamists are...Well, Just Read It!

The facts are clear.....

Read it (as offered by Dean Barnett @ Hugh Hewitt's site): "Anyone who’s made a habit of watching world events the past five years has had good reason to develop a healthy fear of Islam. When Islam makes the news, it’s usually because one of its adherents has blown himself up in a pizzeria, beheaded a newsman or crashed an airliner into a skyscraper.

We can bewail the fact all day of how unfair this is for the Muslims who want no part of such activities. We can even insist that the people doing these things represent a tiny fringe minority of the worldwide Muslim population. If we’re going to say that, though, we might also acknowledge that if they had free elections in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Iran, etc., all those countries would find themselves with duly elected governments that don’t share our revulsion over sawing off an infidel’s head while screaming “Allah Akbar.” Regrettably, the John Esposito “jihad is merely yoga while facing Mecca” view may have swept the American Academy but has yet to catch on like wild fire in the Middle East.

I KNOW I’M LATE TO WRITING ABOUT this, but I still can’t think about the incident with the flying Imams last week without getting angry. The more you consider the facts, the more apparent it becomes that the Imams were serving as provocateurs. As everyone knows by now, shortly before the Imams boarded their plane to Los Angles, they gathered at the gate in Minneapolis to do their evening prayers while offering a surfeit of Allah Akbars.

It is inconceivable that the Imams were unaware that their prayer ritual would scare the stuffing out of their fellow-passengers. Since we know that Islamophobia is actually a fear and a not particularly irrational one especially when boarding an airliner, the Imams were at best insensitive.

But when you consider the facts that a few of the Imams requested extra-long seatbelts (that they didn’t need) and engaged in a loud dialogue condemning America’s role in Iraq, it’s obvious that the Imams had mischief on their minds. For whatever reason, they deliberately intended to unnerve the plane’s other passengers. One can only wonder, to what ends? Would they really get such a kick out of making the other passengers terrified for four hours? I know Shar’ia doesn’t allow much in the way of fun, but that seems kind of desperate."

Yeppers, That is the way, and the light.....

We folks are engaged in a war of US vs THEM! Enjoy it, or ignore is still going on and will result in the final episode of we must either capitulate, or dominate!

There are but two choices!


UPDATE:Captain Ed has even more! This was no accidental action!