Friday, November 24, 2006

Russian "poisoned" by Russians????

The mere fact that the poisonings of the world in the past few years have all been against the opponents of Mother Russia is perhaps significant in terms of where the Russkies are really playing!

I know, as a little guy who knows not-a-lot, but reads a lot....I have found the idea of a "Replacement" KGB to be REAL!!!!!!

Today the Russian spy, turned opponent, Alexander Litvenenko, died in hospital in England. He had reportedly been poisoned. This reminds of the poisoning of others in the smaller Russian "split-offs"....small countries trying hard to divide themselves from Mother Russia.

Seems only Russian opponents are poisoned in today's world! How very amazing....

His story, and his dying are HERE!

Read them, and wonder.....

We are facing a NEW KGB.....a powerful group, unafraid of the view the world has of them, and it is a continuation of the completely unabashed opposition of the Putin-led Russia to any and all....without an apology.

The Russians are BACK as a world Communist force folks, and you had better accept that fact quickly before they overwhelm the forces of freedom by default.

NO, I am not a "sky-is-falling" Liberalist....