Sunday, November 26, 2006

1st Amendment Job of The NYT is to WARN Terrorists?

This one is escaping the liberal-dominated Old Media as they flutter about trying to cover their tail for actually warning terrorist-linked groups of impending government raids!

Don't believe it? I admit it is difficult to fathom, but Michelle Malkin tells us the story the Old Media are ignoring....

This is too much. Freedom of the press does not include the right to alert groups labeled as terrorist-connected of government plans.

I sincerely hope the NYT and its reporters fry over this one. It is a step just like unveiling the secret actions of the government to keep watch over potential terrorist activities.

The other actions taken by the NYT, including unveiling financial tracking, and phone watching, are just as horrendous under the guise of freedom of the press. In WWII, such information passed along as news would have led to serious charges against the reporters.