Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ohio State vs Florida/Michigan?????

Some thoughts......I will up front admit a Big Ten bias. I am, as the title of the blog indicates, a native of Pekin, Illinois....just down the road from Champaign and the U of I.....90 miles from Chicago....Corn-fed country!

With that said, my now 28 years as a citizen of the Sunshine State has given me dual identities in both the NFL & College. Florida teams vs Mid-West powerhouses.

The BCS bowl game will be set this week, and the speculation runs rampant. Ohio State, unbeaten and having played many of the national powerhouses, deserves their spot... Unquestioned!'s Pat Forde has his say on the topic.

Florida & Michigan each have one lone loss.

Florida would present to the Buckeyes a new opponent. Michigan an opponent already faced.....HOWEVER, Michigan played Ohio State to a 42-39 barn-burner. Having watched that game I can say I thought Ohio State would win, and they would most-likely win again against the Wolverines......but not a certainty.

The gamblers in Vegas show Michigan a 7 point favorite against the Gators. Of course, they will not be playing for real.

I have to say I believe the ratings will ultimately give the shot at Ohio State to Florida. I predict Ohio State by at least two touchdowns.

Ain't football fun?

Maybe one of these years Illinois will be back in the top of the Big Ten in football. Maybe it will also get really cold and snow in Hell!


p.s. Sure hope our Bucs can at least look decent today....I'll be at my Elks Lodge with friends "tailgating" and enjoying.