Saturday, January 09, 2010

You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet!!! - Tea Party Plans 2010!

So you thought you heard a lot about Tea Party folks in 2009? HA!

FOXNews details early plans...already making ripples across the land!

My prediction is, you have seen just the beginning. The funniest fact to me is the Democrat office-holders are trying hard to disparage this massive movement even as they continue to vote-vote-vote on more and more diverse ways to spend money this country does not have!

My only advise to all of you....GET OUT THERE to a rally and see just how serious these folks well as to make clear in your mind that this is truly a GRASS ROOTS movement, not a bunch of hooligans. The only hooligans you might find at a Tea Party Rally is a small vocal band of purple-shirted SEIU Union thugs...!

I am excited even as I sit dumbfounded that the roll continues toward passage of the ObamaCare bill...even as CongressCritters try desperately to distance themselves from the thing....BUT, they are still going to vote for it.