Friday, January 08, 2010

Ya Make Em "Criminals" Instead of "Terrorists" & Guess What!!!!

He blew his own crotch up and burned his private parts....BUT he still PLEADS INNOCENT!!!

Gosh, could it have been because he is charged as a "Criminal" instead of as a "Terrorist?"

Yeppers, folks the Obama "We see no terrorists" theme is playing out as we expected. The trial of the Terrorist as a "criminal" will provide him with leverage, and a stage upon which he will be capable of lecturing the USA on his ideas and his ideals....All to a captive audience.....BUT, if charged as a terrorist in the military area, he'd not be heard from.

Much ike the terrorists we are going to try in New York as criminals instead of as terrorists.

Obama has never met a terrorist he could not call a simple criminal. They are just thieves.....despite the fact they wish to/have killed HUNDREDS!

Obama is a grey ghost of illusion, and a Socialist who pushes his agenda at all times. Safety-of-the-public be damned!