Monday, January 18, 2010

"Now Is The Time, This Is The Place..."

Excuse the headline quote from Savatage's Dead Winter, Dead album....The deception of the Democrats is all I fear at this point in the Mass election. Free of the lies, cheating, etc. Mr. Brown is our next Mass Senator.

I L-O-V-E the dilemma that offers the DEMs. Force the ObamaCare thingee through utilizing whatever chicanery they can find....OR, drop it and face the music of their base. The 3rd option is the one I HOPE we see.....1-5 DEM Senators drop out of the final bill. Of course, then the DEMs have the "nuclear option" of forcing this through with 51 votes, and then facing the music from voters in November. I still believe the calmer heads will prevail and the DEMs will abandon this farce.

Maybe I am dreaming. Reid and Pelosi seem to be bereft of reason at this point. PLUS, PrezBO is seeing his entire term of office slip away as we speak.

He He....what a difference a year makes.