Monday, January 18, 2010

BROWN TO WIN!.......Man, I Hate To Put That Out!

BUT....Some things get seemingly obvious.....Brown gets, at least, local SEIU endorsers.
Maybe that is why the union-rich state of Mass is importing buses of SEIU thugs from other states. Locals do not want Coakley...oops sorry, Her Majesty, The Annointed Ms. Coakley!
You can read the entire thing with more pics at VotingFeMale!

So finally I feel more confident. The problem is, a DEM state as solid as Mass has a lot of folks who know how to plant things, delay things, miscount things, etc. Cheating is not impossible....

Even Ed Schultz would cheat to keep "The Bastards" (Brown) out of office!

Gonna be a nervous day tomorrow....but not near so nervous for we outsiders as it will be at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave!