Monday, January 18, 2010

PrezBO is No Mo!

The change is huge!

The One, PrezBO, the man who had all the charisma in the 2008 Presidential election; the man who spouted "Hope & Change" constantly is now a small spark of his campaign self.

Even in BRIGHT BLUE (til now) Massachusetts he speaks, and then when a single man stands to heckle him, he seems tentative, disorganized, without resolve......Maybe Mr. Teleprompter had NO information to address the issue of this lone heckler. Removal of the heckler by security people did little to restore the luster to Obama.

Given the gravitas of the Mass vote in terms of the ENTIRE Obama agenda, this is astounding!

Most consider the impact of a lost 60th vote. Nay, say I! Obama is now fighting to maintain ANY say for the next three years.

IF Coakley loses....and now that seems highly likely....Obama faces the fact of mass defection from ANY form of vote for any of his major programs.....ANY.

The lone positive vote he MIGHT get is on ObamaCare.....IF the Senate uses the 51 vote reconciliation method. IF. That assumes compliance by the House....far less than a certainty.

A Loss in Mass makes every Senate candidate, every House candidate subject to similar possibilities this Fall. They know that fact. They know their vote for or against Healthcare will be remembered in 10 months. They have been shown the memory and the feelings vis-a-vis the Tea Party circuit they all enjoyed, and are still enjoying.

The choice then is ugly. They, the candidates of the Democratic Party for this Fall, will try to find a way to AVOID a vote on ObamaCare. They cannot win with a vote. Against, they lose their base. For they lose the right and MIDDLE!...

The Democrat candidates will find it hard to reverse the energy of the Tea Party folk even IF ObamaCare goes away.

Things are going to be interesting folks.....

Oh, and even if Coakley pulls a magic rabbit out of the hat.....Nelson, and several others may yet bolt ship, and even Pelosi has NO positive vibes about House approval at this point.

The vote in Mass, pro or con on Coakley/Healthcare is a shot fired so close to the bow of the Democrat ship they must all be shaking in their boots.

Ya gotta love it.

What a difference a year makes.