Monday, January 18, 2010

1 Day vs WEEKS?????

Amazing....the DEMs feel they can seat Martha Coakley, (D-Anointed One For Kennedy)...
"Meanwhile, Ed Markey expects Coakley in DC on Wednesday. “We’re all waiting for Wednesday morning when we have Martha Coakley joining us down there.” So I guess if Brown somehow does win he’ll be sworn in by Wednesday, too. . . ?" The story is from Instapundit.

How telling that difference, DEMs find they can seat a DEM in a day, however, the seating of a GOP winner could take weeks.....Gotta check their underwear!

These DEMs are so stupid, so transparent....despite the fact they have been completely opaque re: their plans and actions....that they feel they are on solid ground.

I believe Tuesday will find them spinning another tale....One not heard by the majority.

Another point is the plain and simple message the delay of seating Brown would send to the electorate....NATIONWIDE! We WILL cheat WHEN we need to!!!!