Monday, January 25, 2010

The "New" Tactic Is Evident.....Even Before Obama, Year Two Message Is Delivered!

There will be a truly magnificent message from PrezBO on the 27th.....

"I am Seeking Jobs!!!!!"

"I am Protecting The Public From Banks (BIG Business)!"

"I am The Messiah of Hope & Change!"

Never mind about that 1st is history!

His message will NOT change. This President knows nothing but charge, charge, charge! He cannot fathom saying "I WAS WRONG!" It is simply not in the man's vernacular! Period!

He has the gall to still believe he can tell the public he is for them, and expect they will BELIEVE!!!!! The man is hobbled by a mentality from his Chicago days which sez.....WE WILL WIN, by whatever method!

He is wrong, and the electorate will tell him so in November.

They will S-H-O-U-T out the message for him, and he will spend the final two years of his one-term Presidency in a funk which will produce NOTHING.

That may be the best hope for the country.

Let us change Congress in 2010, and then the Presidency in 2012....