Thursday, January 21, 2010

It Ain't Over Til The Skinny Dude Leaves Office!

If the folks who opposed Obama-politics and succeeded in electing Scott Brown believe they have won, they are in denial as much as the "organizer-in-chief!"

President Obama came to office, not to do what he said in the campaign....BUT to do what he truly feels....he wishes to socialize the US of A. He will NOT fold his tent and go softly into the good night because Scott Brown was elected.

Obama will find a new way to attack. He will design/find a new method of advancing socialism in this great country.

If you think for a minute Barack Obama is cowed by the defeat of his chosen minion, Ms. do not understand Obama!

He wishes to advance his endorsed (albeit quietly) by his fave folks, Mr. Wright; Mr. Ayers, etc.

This man is no ordinary politician. He does not dance to the tune of the electorate. He does as he can to advance Socialism. "Hope & Change" to him is a plan for making the USA a miniature European state.

If the public does not grasp this in the near future, they will find themselves in trouble.

The good news is, the election of Scott Brown seems to indicate the public has seen at least the light that Obama and the Democrats wish to do this republic HARM!

We will see where this goes from here forward.