Sunday, January 24, 2010


The battle cry over Mass and the election of Mr. Brown is now clarion clear among the WH folks from PrezBO on down to the lowly, and beleaguered Mr. Gibbs, WH Press flak.

B-U-S-H........He cost us the economy, he is still responsible. We find new reasons to blame Bush each and every day. Bush cost us everything. Even the anger at Bush and his economy cost us Mass.

Right! & Bush started the Tea Party tens of thousands who mysteriously did not appear until after Obama and company enacted the (Lack of) Stimulus bill. They were afraid of Bush so they stayed hidden until he left office. The Tea Party folks are much more comfortable confronting PrezBO and his "open and transparent", CNN-loving style.

Right! Really, really weak PrezBO.....You are just NOT getting the message. Hell, I don't even believe you've heard the doorbell yet.