Friday, January 22, 2010

More Communication

PrezBO has stated, in the face of the defeat of the DEM machine in Mass and in-kind the end of the current ObamaCare bill, that he needs to communicate more with the people.

How? Well, let me see....I know, I'll regulate the hell out of banks...those evil-profiteering-money grubbers. That way, I am communicating with the people.

Except, Mr. PrezBO, the banks are reacting to your plans by pulling back, and looky there....the Stock Market is down 300 points in two days.

That's gonna do it alright, Mr. Prez. Why, in no time your communication skills have changed the subject from healthcare to "evil banks"....and the economy takes another hit.

This guy is not so dumb as fail to realize his efforts have consequences. He just cannot accept the fact he might have to work with the GOP on some things.....after all he has a mandate.