Tuesday, December 21, 2004

There's a NEW Experience!

Yesterday I spent my day in the Chest Pain Center of Tampa General Hospital. Had chest pressure and shortness of breath. WOW the care and treatment and speed with which they completed an initial diagnosis was astounding!

Then, of course, one sits in for the long haul......two EKGs, 5 hours apart. Two sets of enzyme checks (changed enzyme levels indicate a heart attack). 4 needles inserted for various purposes.

Found two things......1. I have a major sinus infection....causing pressure and chest problems. 2. Sometime between my last EKG in 2000 and now, I had a minor heart attack!

Complete news to me......They explained 2% of heart attack victims have no pain!

Now I am off, soon as sinuses clear, for another stress test.

Getting older is hell......but beats the hell out of the alternative!