Tuesday, December 07, 2004

EXCUSE ME!!!!!! AARP's position is by WHO???

I am missing some information here.......

My bride and I are members of AARP.....

Now we find "WE" have a position on the President's proposed program to offer people an opportunity to invest part of their OWN money for Social Security into a plan of their own.......

BUT the AARP has announced that we members are OPPOSED to that!


No One asked ME!!!!!

I had no contact, polling, inquiry, etc. from the AARP program about what "I" felt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How come "they" can claim "we" have a position, when "we" were never asked, consulted, or given an opportunity to participate????????

Somewhere, somehow, there is something wrong with this!

If I am to be "part" of the program, then I should have a "participation". Is that TOO much to ask???????

For one, even thought it will not impact my retirement within the next 16 months I am amazed that the powers that be in AARP are decided FOR US!

HELLO! I Pay dues, I participate WHEN ASKED.....But I am not ASKED!!!!!

How can it be "OUR" position??????

PLEASE answer me!

(I am forwarding this to AARP!)