Thursday, December 16, 2004

MSM has no copyright on idiocy in reporting!

Home from work with the fall version of the "creeping crud" (don't suppose you can get this thru contact with sites such as Vodkapundit do you?)

Watching TV and a one hour special on the science channel explored the future of our solar system and mankind.

Prominent in their premise was the fate of as the Sun ages and expands we will be forced to move first to Mars, later to moons of the gas giants to survive.

They, however, missed several small details.......this is MANY millions of years in the future......

Man has been around for a .01 % of that time, and what is the likelyhood that he will be around 10,000 years from now.....let alone millions of years?

If still around in 10,000 years (I challenge this premise given our propinsity as a race to expose ourselves to all sorts of potential annhiliation scenarios), we'd almost certainly already have reached the stars and beyond!

MSM has no copyright on idiocy!