Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Happy Ho Ho to all.....even this late!

We are, after all, just half way there. Next comes New Year's Day.....
That is, concidentaly, my birthday! (I'll be 62 for those who might wonder!)

Had a great Christmas, and hope you all did as well. Have part of the family here, and heard from the rest! Great stuff.......

Christmas Eve - My Family celebration in nearby town....
Christmas morning - celebration at home with "Santa" and gifts
Christmas Day afternoon, her family celebration....across town...
Sunday - Down to Sarasota for Baptism of youngest grandchild!, then Christmas there.

Monday....went back to work to rest up!

On my birthday I'll be doing 20 pounds of Duke's Almost Famous Ribs (Recipe available upon request)
Plus about 10 pounds of pork roast, etc......we eat BIG on holidays!

More later, BURP!