Sunday, March 06, 2011

Romney Using "Snowblower" Effect????

I am a sort-of Libertarian/Conservative.....I am also Tea Party. I am amazed at Romney for two reasons. 1. He is diving into the GOP Prez pool as if he had a solid background and support of millions. NOPE! 2. He is hiding from the truth of his MA healthcare fiasco.

He launched an "ObamaCare" in Massachusetts. It is failing. He cannot avoid this, and do not for a minute believe the DEMs will not tie him to this as an example that he is NO DIFFERENT than Obama!

I am amazed GOP folk actually consider him a major candidate. INSTANT DEATH!

Is it the Kennedy Hair?????

My choice, dismissed by lots, but the only candidate talking truth as did Reagan....Palin. She is being pilloried constantly by the LIBs...wonder why? THEY ARE AFRAID OF HER!

Yes they are.

I love her....well I also lust after her like I do several other stars in H=wood....BUT, You have to recognize that beyond the beauty she also speaks core truth...That is what drives the LIBs C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!

I Love it!